Hugh and I: A love story.

I was 11 years old. In the clutches of puberty. Boys were starting to look like more than worthy playmates. Everything hurt.  Then, I discovered a book by chance in the library.

It was an encyclopedia about x-men.

I was enamored. I became obsessed with x-men. I bought comics for the first time ever. I went to the store with my little allowance and bought both movies.

I was watching them, innocently enjoying the fight scenes and the social comment, and then I saw him.

The most beautiful man I had ever seen.



My little mind was blown open as hormones I didn’t understand flooded my brain. I was hopelessly naïve then, and hadn’t the first clue about reproduction, but I wanted to kiss that man senseless. I watched the x-men movies over and over, and devoured the behind the scenes features. The more I watched Hugh Jackman, the more my feelings grew from a simple pre-lust to full on love. Or whatever the twelve year old equivalent of that is.

He was funny, he was Australian, and he was so kind. He could dance (this was very important to me) He was articulate and beautiful and very, very married.


And it was then that I knew heartache for the first time.

However, the fact that he was married and the fact that he was old enough to be my father did not deter me. I was head over heels in love with Hugh Jackman, and I still am.


Some fun facts about Hugh: he owns a tea shop. He had a one man Broadway show. He visits hospitals in cities he’s filming in. his eye colour is hazel, and he was born in 1968. He’s 6’1. He’s a Libra. He apologised to his fans on twitter and Facebook for not posting much, and proceeded to post more after that.

I don’t actually know Hugh, but I feel like I do. I’ve seen enough pictures of him in various stages of undress, after all. Not intentionally. Most of the time.

I’ve even had boyfriends get jealous of my love for Hugh.

Hugh and I are very alike. We both love little dogs. We both share the same sign. We both enjoy volunteering in hospitals. Our parents are accountants. We both have hazel eyes (his are almost as beautiful as mine). I like tea.

When it was announced that Hugh had skin cancer, my heart broke into a million pieces. It came on the heels of my grandfather dying of cancer. I was devastated. I realised after his death that one can’t keep their feelings inside forever. One must learn to share their feelings now, before it’s too late. Hugh has long since recovered, of course, but the idea of writing him a fan  letter turned over and over in my head.

So I wound up writing a letter to Hugh, but I decided that I had to share my love! Everyone must know of the greatness of this man (and my insanity).

If Hugh Jackman is reading this, I have this to say to you; Hugh, marry me. I’m good with being a 2nd wife and cleaning the house.

For everyone else: please don’t call the cops. I swear I’m not a stalker. A bit deluded, maybe. One day this will probably fade, but for now? I’m sharing my first experience with love, lust and tea shops.


Spiderman Review

*Author’s note: This is a reblog from my writing blog, I’m thinking of doing reviews again on this blog, and this reviews response will determine that for me


So, I was super super excited to see this movie. Like, wearing the t-shirt, web makeup and painted nails. I enjoyed the first two Spiderman movies (for the purpose of this review, I am going to pretend that the third one was just a really bad dream), but I was hoping that since they were re-booting the franchise, they would be going in a different direction.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I’ll start with the things I didn’t like- the spoiler free things.

As with most first movies in a superhero franchise (Christopher Nolan’s Batman and the first Spiderman excluded), this movie was heavily on the boring side. This is forgivable- after all, they have to get the origin out of the way for the non-nerds to get into the fun stuff. But because the first Spiderman did the origin in an engaging way, I expected this one to follow suit.

This Spiderman’s biggest problem seemed to be that it borrowed from the first movies where it should not have, and didn’t borrow where it should have (like the aforementioned origin story). For example (and I don’t think this is much of a spoiler) The Lizard hears voices after he takes the serum. Hmmm….where have we seen this before? Hey Lizard, Green Goblin called and he wants his shtick back. And the voices thing was way better when Gobby did it.

Honestly, I think Toby Macguire made a better Spiderman. Andrew Garfield’s performance didn’t ring true to the character of Peter Parker. He played him more as an awkward emo kid (ala Spiderman 3) than as a nerd. Peter Parker is a nerd. He doesn’t become emo till the One More Day storyline in the comics. At least there were no jazz hands.


There were also a lot of hanging threads, which I will assume they will fix up in the sequels, but the whole “Peter Parker’s parents” thing was NOT resolved and that pissed me right off. It was made out in the trailers to be a big part of the plot, but it seemed to just be setting up Peter’s emo-ness. And then suddenly he stops looking for the guy who killed Uncle Ben. Nice prioirities there, Peter. Your girlfriend over your uncle’s killer.

And where the hell was J. Jonah Jameson?

Now that I’ve ripped on it, what do I like?

I like Gwen Stacy WAY more than Mary Jane Watson. Gwen is a science student, and she doesn’t just sit around and wait to be captured or nag at Peter. She makes things happen instead of screaming and sitting around like a useless log.

I liked the action sequences and web swinging sequences. It’s worth the money alone for those. I’m not sure if I recommend the 3-D over the 2-D. I think either one will give you the feel. I liked that they didn’t spend a crazy amount of time on the bite and the costume. I liked that Peter had web-slingers that he made himself, rather than the organic ones in the first movies. I liked that Peter couldn’t control his strength at first- it made the character more human and it made sense. Unlike Superman, Peter didn’t have his powers from childhood, so of course when he suddenly had super strength, he didn’t know what to do with it.

I was a big fan of the design of the Lizard. That would have been so easy to screw up, but the CGI and over-all design was spot on. They also kept him pretty true to the comics in his modes operandi.

I also liked the way Norman Osbourn was a tangible character without ever being seen. As usual in the Spiderman universe, everything is his fault. I hope that he makes a physical appearance in the next movie.

I  found it amusing that the actor who played George Foyet (Agent Hotchner’s arch nemesis) on Criminal Minds is in this movie.

I think that this movie is setting up for a kick-ass sequel. That’s the vibe I got from it. Will the next Spiderman 2 be as good as the original Spiderman 2? Only time will tell.

The director’s name is Mark Webb. And yes, I was more amused than that than I should have been.

All in all, it was a decent flick. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but I still liked it. Many other fans enjoyed it, so hopefully you will too. I would recommend it, if only for the action scenes

I caught ’em all!

Once upon a time, on my writing blog, I did a post about my strange collections (  One sadly incomplete collection was my eeveelutions collection, as I was missing Glaceon. (If you don’t know what an eevee is, it’s a pokemon. If you don’t know what a pokemon is, look it up. I’ll wait.

Anyway, I have finally completed my eevee collection.

From left to right: Umbreon, Jolteon, Espeon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon Center: Eevee

From left to right: Umbreon, Jolteon, Espeon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon
Center: Eevee

As I post this, my friend has informed me that another eeveelution is set to debut. Goddamn it.