(Turn and face the stranger)


Guten Tag meine Freundin!

I apologise for not having this up yesterday, as scheduled. I had no internet access. As we speak I’m sitting in the lovely Moose Jaw library looking out at the town. To my left is the young adult section, and behind me is the graphic novels. The building sits on the edge of a beautiful park–all the better to see the spring thaw.

Spring is a time of change. In Saskatchewan, it means that one can actually see the ground again.

Here, on Sweetly Snobbish, it is also a time of change.

From now on, updates will be on Friday. That way I can write all week to give you all some great content. Only the best for you, my dears.  And you, my dears, seem to enjoy my Writing and Psychology posts and my poetry more than anything else. In all my experimentation, these are the posts that resonate with people the most. Thus, I will be moving to mainly posting features in that vein. New Poem Saturday and Slam Sunday will remain much the same.

In May, after my final exams are finished, I am planning on doing a month of Slam Sundays featuring local poets in my area (Regina, Saskatchewan).  We are a small but talented bunch, and I hope that you enjoy that feature.

I am also going to attempt to post more about my writing.  I find many interesting tidbits when I write, and I would like to share them with you.

I have also resumed reviewing books for the Bearded Scribe ( It’s a great review site, if I do say so myself. I encourage you to take a look around it.

Finally, I have achieved some measure of stability in my personal life. I hope that the days of late posts (barring internet access issues) are behind me, and that I can work harder to provide my readers with the best possible content.

Spring has sprung, my friends.

Time to face the strain.


God Bless,

Kelsey J.


PS: Zombvenger! Episode Two: Dog Days is up:


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