Zombies! and Psychology: Why are we afraid of zombies?

Dawn of the Undead: Enter the Zombvenger!

Hey y’all. Guess what.


I know, happy zombie. I’m excited too. To celebrate, I’m going to be posting a lot of zombie stuff here and over at Sweetly Snobbish (https://kelseyjaybird.wordpress.com/). About this time every month, I do a little feature called Psychology and Writing. This month, it’s all about zombies and the brainz. (Was that too awful? I apologise. I couldn’t help it, and I can’t guarentee I won’t make even worse brain jokes. Just warning you.) Today, I want to talk about why zombies are scary,  according to psychology. Cognitive psychology, to be exact. Cognitive psychology is the study of how the mind processes information, including perception.  There’s one theory (with it’s origins in robotics, oddly enough) that I think is a great explanation for why people are scared of zombies: The Uncanny Valley hypothesis. This theory was…

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