Interview with Craig DiLouie

Interview with Craig DiLouie from my zombie blog

Dawn of the Undead: Enter the Zombvenger!

I am pleased to be interviewing Mr. Craig DiLouie today! Craig is an accomplished fiction writer and has written 3 books about zombies: TOOTH AND NAIL, THE INFECTION, and THE KILLING FLOOR. He’s got a new book coming out in May called SUFFER THE CHILDREN, and I am personally very excited to read it.

C: Thanks for having me!

K: Let’s start off with something silly – What is your favourite zombie movie?

C: For sheer spectacle, I’d have to say WWZ. Finally, a big budget zombie movie. The set pieces in WWZ are some of the most exciting apocalyptic scenes I’ve ever seen. I read the book by Max Brooks and liked it, but I wasn’t overly attached to it, so I wasn’t disappointed the movie didn’t really follow the book. I honestly didn’t see how they could. Besides that, I’m not really a purist about anything. Just tell…

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