Remembrance day: A reflection

Remembrance Day didn’t mean much to me until I was eight, the year the towers fell. The United States went to war and Canada followed.  We’re (Canada) still over there. Its been over ten years. When I was eight, people talked about world war three starting. I had heard stories from my Grandma about World War Two: she told me about her father, who worked at the train station. He had to deliver the worst news a parent or wife could hear. I didn’t want world war three. Luckily, it never escalated that far but Canada lost 158 soldiers in Afghanistan. The Americans lost 2, 012.

According to Veteran’s Affairs Canada, Canada has lost 117, 616 soldiers to war.

I don’t believe in war. I don’t believe in the senseless violence and the suffering. War never ends with ceasefire.

I do believe that to sacrifice your life in defense of your country is something to be honored.

Remembrance Day is a day to honor the lives lost in war, and a day to remember that war is not the answer, and that we should continue to search for peace.

God bless.

-Kelsey J.


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