Mirror, Mirror: An examination of human representation in speculative fiction (Introduction)

The world of science fiction, fantasy and horror, collectively known as speculative fiction, is a world packed with fantastic beings. This is great, I guess. But all the stories are still about one thing.


Every speculative fiction story, if you really boil it down, is about humans. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, necessarily. Humans are writing the stories­–and all writers are told to write what we know.

Herein lies the problem. We humans don’t always like ourselves, and it shows in any fiction involving non-humans, even if humans don’t appear at all. Either that, or we humans believe in ourselves. A lot.

Like nature and nurture in psychology, there is a debate that has been argued since War of the Worlds to Dracula to The Walking Dead to Star Trek. That debate is pro-human versus anti-human.

Over the next three months, my sweetly snobbish self will be exploring the realms of fiction to discuss the world as seen through monster’s eyes, examining the whys the hows and the whos, and going where no man has gone before.

Gear up, friends! We’re going on a journey. This month, every Friday, I’ll be examining zombie fiction in anticipation of the Zombvenger. But, if anyone has any suggestions of works that they want me to look at, comment! I feed off of comments.


Not really.

Coming up next Friday: A rare example of pro-humanism in zombie fiction: Warm Bodies.


God bless, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving,

Kelsey J.


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