The History of Zombies in Literature- or, Revenge of the living trope

Dawn of the Undead: Enter the Zombvenger!

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The undead revolution has begun.

Whether you think zombies are scary or not, there is no denying that they are huge. Everytime it seems that zombies are dead as a trope, they return in full fledge and the public goes wild.  Video games are using them as guiltless kill enemy and movies are using them as metaphors or as horror devices. Due to their rabid popularity, the evolution of the zombies in both of these mediums is becoming better and better known. But what about literature?

It seems that zombies in literature are largely ignored, or thought to be directly related to the rise of zombies in film. This post will examine the history of zombies in literature.

Early Zombies- Or, Really freaking old Tropes

Zombie myths can be found in many cultures, the most famous being in West African Vodou legend. The earliest…

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