Your Brain on Poetry.

Even though I’m going into counselling psychology (hopefully) neuropsych is kind of my pet study field. I love everything neuropsychology, but I am particularily fascinated with writing and the brain, and in celebration of National Poetry Month, I’m going to share some fast facts with you about your brain on poetry. And where they came from. Full links at the bottom.

This was reposted from my other website,, so some of the formatting may be a bit glitchy.

Did you know…

  • Poetry requires more brain power than prose? (Fischer and team, St. Andrews University and Dundee) Why? Poetry had to be analysed deeper to be understood (not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing…maybe they should do some memory studies to see if poems are remembered better as a result!) 
  • Writing poems helps the brain cope with emotional turmoil! *the quality of the produced verse does not matter. (Lieberman, University of California). Why? It creates less amygdala response, and helps the brain to regulate it’s own distress. Lieberman even acknowledges the troubled souls of writers- maybe we write due to emotional problems? Would we be crazy without it? (YES. Very much so). 
  • New evidence suggests that poetry and poetic language is a function of the right hemisphere, previously thought to be the left (Kane, Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  • The brains of poets and artists are different from other peoples (Zaidal, Journal of Anatomy). Why? Possibly due to brain damage, or a brain better equipped to communicate complex messages to the world.



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